Interdisciplinary Visual Arts (BA)


Interdisciplinary Visual Arts (BA)


Various studio art media


Senior portfolios of the students with a major concentration in the area of interdisciplinary visual arts.


Visual Arts Program

Collection Items

Morgan Conklin

01. 0001 VIBA
FILE: 91403869860-Media-01.jpg

First and second page of Website.

02. 0002 VIBA
FILE: 91403869860-Media-02.jpg

Third page of website. This is where my lesson plans are located along with images…

Stephen Colonna
Mixed Media, Web Design

Kirsten Smith
Graphic Design, Illustration

Diana Nieves
3D Modeling, Illustration

Gabriella Dudo
Photography, Art History

Tiffany Ruiz
Graphic Design, Web Design

Diamond Bacy
Drawing, Painting, Illustration
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