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Spencer Agli
Solitude, 2019

Throughout my life I experienced times when everything is happening at once and I am completely enveloped in that situation. There are moments when feel like I need a break, mind and body simultaneously. In these…

People Along the Way, 2017-2018
There are a range of people I have connected with, crossing paths, and giving
purpose to my daily experiences. Where I am today has ultimately been decided by me, but there are a great number of people who have…

FACES, 2017-2018

Atlantic City has been the place I have called home for past five years. I have spent all of my early adulthood growing and learning from employment in casinos and the service industry of Atlantic City. This portfolio is comprised…

A Rural Life

Using digital photography, I am making a series of photographs that embody the rural lifestyle. These photographs represent the importance of the relationships that my family and friends have with the natural world. I have chosen to…

Your Guess is as Good as Mine uses both complexity and minimalism to explore various idioms through the art of photography. The Webster Dictionary defines idiom as “an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but…

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