Photography (BFA)


Photography (BFA)


Photography, Digital Image


Senior portfolios of the students with a major concentration in photography and related media.


Visual Arts Program

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Abigail Orme
I am interested in the relationship between light and space. Light is variable, constantly changing, and therefore transforming the way it illuminates the space. The photographs are a representation of my view of particular spaces as places of…

Spencer Agli
Spencer Agli
Solitude, 2019

Throughout my life I experienced times when everything is happening at once and I am completely enveloped in that situation. There are moments when feel like I need a break, mind and body simultaneously. In these…

Brittany Johnson
I have pondered for quite some time on different ideas for my senior project. While all
of the previous ideas had meaning to me, I decided to make it extremely personal. I do not hide the fact that, for as long as I can remember, I have struggled…

Marissa Gagliano
From the days when I was young, I learned about emotions through the use of colors. The use of color to help describe emotions makes it easier for people to identify the emotions that others are feeling. This process was not the same for all growing…

Alex Blundetto
People Along the Way, 2017-2018
There are a range of people I have connected with, crossing paths, and giving
purpose to my daily experiences. Where I am today has ultimately been decided by me, but there are a great number of people who have…

Matt Tarquino
My motivation as an artist is a love of the natural world and a desire to make that experience visible. These photographs are a representation of the beauty I see in the region known as southern New Jersey. Though there are no rolling mountains or…

Kelly Gibson
Transition, 2017-2018
Twenty-five digital photographs

My artwork is a direct portal into my personal life, and these photos document my daily experiences. I compose my photographs in a way to offer the viewer a perspective as if they were…

Anna Hubbs
FACES, 2017-2018

Atlantic City has been the place I have called home for past five years. I have spent all of my early adulthood growing and learning from employment in casinos and the service industry of Atlantic City. This portfolio is comprised…

Sarah Dudley
A Rural Life

Using digital photography, I am making a series of photographs that embody the rural lifestyle. These photographs represent the importance of the relationships that my family and friends have with the natural world. I have chosen to…

Amanda Puglisi
February 22nd, 2015 was the day of the accident. I was heading back to Stockton after a wonderful birthday dinner with my family. The pavement was still wet from the snow that fell the night before, the temperature dropping more and more as the hours…
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